Become Life!

Become Life! What keeps us from enjoying life fully? In 90% of our clients and ourselves it is old memories, mental, behavioral and emotional patterns, old limiting beliefs and attitudes running in the system without ever being detected. The SELF-IMAGE we have of ourselves determines our SELF CONFIDENCE, how we show up in life, how [...]

Relaxation supports Healing

Meditation Techniques and positive Psychology are scientifically proven to enhance the healing process

Self Love Tutorial

When Doubt or Self Criticism drains your Energy watch this!

How to reach overall Wellbeing?

Enrich life with new habits, discover capacities and possibilities

Replace limiting habits with joyful experiences

What gives you Joy? Getting rid of old limiting habits and dis-ease gives space for new experiences. Replace old for new!

Learn to direct your mind!

Learn to direct your Mind! When it comes to making the right decisions, our habits may get into the way. Our education, training, conditioning, and experiences, all influence our thought patterns and habits. Changing habits would be easy if the mind cooperated every time you asked it to, and right away! Private Walking sessions are healthy, convenient, [...]

Are you sabotageing yourself?

Self-Sabotage Sounds ugly and somewhat stupid, but self-sabotage seems to be a poisoning agent polluting our systems. I find it hard to become aware of in your every day’s life. What is it that keeps you from enjoying exercise? What is it that makes you eat high-calorie-low-energy food? What makes you do three things at [...]