How to reach overall Wellbeing?

Enrich life with new habits, discover capacities and possibilities

Power of Forgiveness and Love

3 years from today my stepson left his body at age 27 - a shocking inconceivable tragedy. Grief, suffering and never ending tears. To me, my stepson is still present in a different way. Sometimes I think of him, sometimes I dream of him, beautiful as ever, sometimes I feel very close heart-wise to him. Forgiving whatever caused [...]

Mastering Change with an Attitude of Gratitude

Mastering Change requires appreciation of what is right now

A thought is a command

Your thought is your command! How to learn choosing what you request.

Walking Meditation for Stress Release

If you go to your Doctor for stress related problems, she or he will likely tell you that perhaps the best treatment for stress is Meditation.... In our culture we are not educated to practice meditation. For many people it results difficult to sit down and be quiet. The mind is always busy. Walking Meditation [...]