Mastering Change with an Attitude of Gratitude

What makes us want to change something? Motivation for Change comes from preventing or relieving pain or aiming to fulfill a need or reach a goal. Life is constant movement and change on some level. The body renews every 7 years, you don’t inhale or exhale the same breath twice.DSC_0041

If we focus on the what we want to change, we tend to complain or stick to it (“I am/have too much or little …”). If we focus on the goal only, we risk to live in a state of lack. I want “more” implies I have “too little”.

Mastering Change requires focus and appreciation of what is right now rather than fight* it. Focus on appreciating the path rather than on one future moment of achieving that goal (the optimal weight, the perfect partner, overcoming a disease, the title, the reward, the first million). This way, we can have a great time living here and now rather than spending our lifetime chasing goals.

“May all our dreams come true provided we keep dreaming and going for our dreams.”

*Note: The fighting device that seems to hamper our full acceptance and gratitude for what we experience right now tends to be located in our minds/thinking. Become friend with the ego mind rather than fight it. E.g. next time that little voice says: “I hate to do this” or “I just can’t…..” say “Thank you for sharing – now be silent – I do it anyway.”

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