Having great days! (via Manuela Stoerzer Vogt)

Yes! This is what change your life means on a daily basis. Make a difference in the little moments at the store, during work, in the way you usually deal with people or situations…. step by step, making a difference The little moments offer great opportunities to bring zest into your life and make theContinue reading “Having great days! (via Manuela Stoerzer Vogt)”

From being stuck in problem thinking to focus on ¬®the light inside¬®

If you find yourself stuck in problem thinking in all kind of problems over and over again it is time to reset. Good health, money, work, contentment, inner peace, energy, motivation, good relationships are out there, yet, you might have to switch your attitude, level of energy, expectation and focus to a positive setting. TunedContinue reading “From being stuck in problem thinking to focus on ¬®the light inside¬®”

Reconnecting in and with Nature

Coming back from a¬† hike behind the house in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, I feel totally in peace and very much appreciate the pleasure of walking on the Tahoe Rim Trail – very close to God! When I first discovered the benefit of physical and mental wellness during Walking Exercise¬† in 1992 I hadContinue reading “Reconnecting in and with Nature”