Expectation is a Blueprint for Experience

We all know that the thoughts we think create our reality: If we expect a grumpy boss/ family member/friend (no matter why) chances are that our expectations come true rather than a surprising change in that person since we met last.

Call it “law of attraction” or “what you focus on grows”. An expectancy is like a blueprint for the future. It is much Nature is healingeasier to experience the dark side of a situation, if you expect a negative outcome. Yet, being open or even curious about some part that can be good in that situation, you probably get a different experience. Doubt and negative emotions due to long-term negative experiences can be tough to leave behind. The analytical mind and the ego-part of us  try very consequently to prevent us from even imagining new outcomes because their job is to protect us based on past experience. Obviously, that job does not serve it’s original purpose most of the time: what sense does it make to expect more trouble or dis-ease just because we are familiar with these symptoms.

Going out in Nature is an easy and effective tool to change the “mental channel” from ego-thinking to just Being and enjoying the very moment, giving that analytical mind a break and opening up to the whole picture of you and the world. It is necessary to change that mental set-up if we want to experience a new outcome.

Please share this information with people who might benefit from this. Thanks and enjoy your Walk!!!

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