Re-organizing our mismanaged Energy!

Ayahuasca, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chikung, you name it: all these practices are supposed to teach us to connect to our real self, our inner world beyond thinking. But what happens after the practice?

Today is the perfect day to CHANGE!

90% of people don't want to change and yet 70% are unhappy with their situation in some way or another. You wouldn't believe how many people are not content with their work situation, counting the years to retirement. It is sad to spend a lifetime running from one goal to another without being able to enjoy the process. [...]

Playfully access the Power of your Mind

Want to change a habit? What happens in the mind and how can it be easy?

Smart Goal- Setting Techniques

To set goals is the #1 predictor of success. In other words, by not setting a SMART goal, you miss the most important success factor. Read more:

45 great Health Tips

Improve your wellbeing step by step. Here are 45 great and easy inspirations!

Tai Chi versus Yoga

Yoga versus Tai Chi. What is better for you?


Get prepared for stressful times with mini relaxation exercises!

Instant Change with Attitude of Gratitude

It makes you immune to anger, disappointment and frustration: try this little exercise for instant change and enjoy the free audio by Omharmonics!

7 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

7 Rules to apply to change towards a healthy lifestyle!

5 Levels of Manifesting

Great summary of great teachers on how to manifest Clickby Vishen Lakhiani

Give me a Break!

Don't break down before you take a break!

3 most important Questions to ask yourself

What experiences you want to get out of Life? How do you want to grow? How do you want to contribute? 7min video with exercise