Give me a Break!

Ready for a Break? Tired of Struggling? Ready to Change?

Sometimes it takes a serious breakdown to finally wake up and realize: I need a change.

I only really woke up once I held the stage 4 Skin Cancer diagnosis in my hands.
I realized: this is about living or not living. I need to become responsible for myself.

What went wrong? My “story” was being a successful businesswoman, wife, mother, host, international seminar organizer. My motivation was trying to make everybody happy and preventing potential conflict and pain, rather than making responsible choices. Hidden Ego patterns controlled my life, without me realizing it. Burnout, depression, divorce, cancer – wake-up. I learned and chose to teach others living a healthy lifestyle, retrieve inner motivation for responsible choices and make this journey a fun experience.

Please feel free to email for questions and check out my Yaduma™ (quality life) Coaching, Workshops and Mini vacation offers to support you create your change.

Published by Manuela Stoerzer

Prize-awarded Coaching Method to optimize habits since 2000 internationally.

2 thoughts on “Give me a Break!

  1. Dear Manuela, it´s every time good to see, that other human beeing have the same experinces and understandig of live like me. Especialy with the Ego :-).
    Hug and greetings from Germany, Andy B.

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