Personal Freedom via the Subconscious

Remember Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Get Rich”, or Murphy’s Power of the Subconscious. T. Harv Eker continued with his Millionaire’s Mind books and programs. Many authors have been writing about the amazing capacities of the subconscious.  Coaches such as Tony Robbins talk about it and use techniques such as Neurolinguistic Programming to overwrite programs that don’tContinue reading “Personal Freedom via the Subconscious”

Learn to Relax

It’s fun to be at your Best! Knowing how to relax -without using drugs- is a Must if you want to reach your true potential. Only a relaxed body and mind can have excellent focus and performance. How do you do that? Having a hard time to take a break? Meditation mission impossible? Start with Walking inContinue reading “Learn to Relax”