Learn to Relax

It’s fun to be at your Best! Knowing how to relax -without using drugs- is a Must if you want to reach your true potential. Only a relaxed body and mind can have excellent focus and performance.

How do you do that? Having a hard time to take a break? Meditation mission impossible?

Start with Walking in Nature and discover a new way of letting go. Make it an experiment to go out daily for 10 minutes and focus only on your breathing, observing the air flowing in and out. If you mind kicks in and you can’t let go of thinking about this or that problem, just tell yourself to put the problem aside for 10 minutes, go back to focusing on the breathing and address the problem after the 10 minutes.

We created audios with 5 minute exercises to train to focus and relax. Send us an email and we will be happy to send you free samples.

Enjoy the path!


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