Re-organizing our mismanaged Energy!

Ayahuasca, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chikung, you name it: all these practices are supposed to teach us to connect to our real self, our inner world beyond thinking. But what happens after the practice?

How to get in Harmony with yourself and the world – The Consciousness Conundrum

So who do you think you are?

Exercise to FEEL GOOD !!!

Less talking more action! Feeling good is a natural consequence of daily lifestyle choices.

Coaching Session to Stop Smoking

Ready for a Change? Tired of some old habit that keeps you trapped? Check this out - a 10 min sample coaching class to #stop smoking. Learn how to free yourself from old programs running your system and enjoy life fully.

Quick Relaxation

Take a break. Less than 2 minutes can make a big difference...

Does Positive Thinking really change results?

You won’t make the million by thinking of it, nor attract the partner you wish by just thinking. Why Thinking Positive alone does not change a thing and yet is indispensible to create different results.

How to get from Habitual Response to Selective Choice

Change habits playfully! Here is a quick sample of how you can change your mind with fun.

Why Focus on the Path

Weight Loss and Stress Management is a chance to enhance your quality of life for good while enjoying the process.

How to Stay Balanced in Busy Times? -Everyday Tool for Fulfillment-

How do you stay balanced in busy times? Do you find yourself planning ahead a lot and missing the moment? Or do you ponder about things from the past, feeling stuck in an emotional or mental habit? Do you see more half empty glasses than half full glasses?Maybe you experienced this: you work on something, [...]

Lose weight with Fun

Weight loss or burnout can be an opportunity to learn how to change habits, become aware of unconscious habits and start owning and using your real power!

Unwind and be present

How to calm the mental chatter and become relaxed and present.

Tai Chi versus Yoga

Yoga versus Tai Chi. What is better for you?