How to Stay Balanced in Busy Times? -Everyday Tool for Fulfillment-

ImageHow do you stay balanced in busy times? Do you find yourself planning ahead a lot and missing the moment? Or do you ponder about things from the past, feeling stuck in an emotional or mental habit? Do you see more half empty glasses than half full glasses?

Maybe you experienced this: you work on something, achieve it, or you don’t. You are content or you are frustrated. You continue to go for the next target, reach it or maybe not as you envisioned it. And some day, as you go along working towards your targets, you lack energy and joy and feel like an empty jar. More and more clients report,  they lack energy and motivation, drag themselves through the day and are incapable to enjoy what they are doing. This is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself instead of getting sick and tired or depressive!

Here is an easy tools to reconnect with your power source:

Go out into nature for a relaxed walk at fresh air to relax and contemplate. Observe what is going on inside of you. How do you feel? Do you feel at all or are you all in the mind? Observe your thoughts. Consciously decide to let go of thoughts that come up and have nothing to do with here and now. Instead, focus on what you experience in this very moment. Observe you foot touching the ground, your breath flowing effortlessly without you controlling it. Observe the sensation of the air on your skin…. Do this for 40-60 minutes and you will feel energized and relieved.

By focusing on this present moment, you gain distance from the mental clutter. This widens your perspective and you start enjoying the moment just for the sake of being – without any other reason. However, reading won’t help. Go out and just do it!

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We support you get starting on your journey and stick to the new habit with ease and fun. Enjoy your Walk xxx

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