De-stress Habit no 1: THE Quick Way to Switch from Thinking to Feeling

At some point in life, I decided, not to get up, unless some kind of a positive thought. Woke up very early anyway and saw myself in a messed up situation: burnout, divorce, and on top of it advanced malign melanoma. "Next week might be to late". Today, it is just another story, nothing to [...]

How to feel good about yourself !

Moody and a lot of good reasons for it????  It is obvious: we can't control life around us. However, we are part of this picture. We can influence our surroundings by the way we respond to situations. The way we appear in the world is how we influence. The way we "vibrate" is what we [...]

How to Stay Balanced in Busy Times? -Everyday Tool for Fulfillment-

How do you stay balanced in busy times? Do you find yourself planning ahead a lot and missing the moment? Or do you ponder about things from the past, feeling stuck in an emotional or mental habit? Do you see more half empty glasses than half full glasses?Maybe you experienced this: you work on something, [...]

Better Health is a choice

It is easy to be at ease on vacation or in a yoga class.... Happy and healthy in most stressfull situations? Here is a funny post how and what you can learn on tv if you know how to interpret right! 10 Stress Relieving Tips From 'Law and Order: SVU' via @mashable If you [...]


Get prepared for stressful times with mini relaxation exercises!

7 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

7 Rules to apply to change towards a healthy lifestyle!

Take a 20 sec Break!

Stress is the no 1 reason for dis-ease. Here is a simple quick exercise everybody can do anywhere

Feeling good despite the problems

How to relax release a problem temporarily and open up for new solutions. The monkey sticks his hand in a small hole in the wall to hold on to a banana on the other side of the wall and gets stuck, because the banana is in the way.

Creativity, Flow and Relaxation

Boosting creativity with relaxing techniques

Easy ways to relax and enjoy

Yoga is only one simple way to learn how to consciously relax, let go of mental attachment to problems, past and future and be present. Here are some photos to inspire to check it out: it is easy, effective and fun!

Change the impact STRESS has on you

Stress is one of the major risk factors for both physical and mental health. Stress can have a very direct reaction on your stomach, lower back, hormones and more. Just think about the physical reaction you have when you face a scary situation. You can feel adrenaline cruising your system and get a tickling sensation [...]