De-stress Habit no 1: THE Quick Way to Switch from Thinking to Feeling

At some point in life, I decided, not to get up, unless some kind of a positive thought. Woke up very early anyway and saw myself in a messed up situation: burnout, divorce, and on top of it advanced malign melanoma. “Next week might be to late”.

Today, it is just another story, nothing to do with here now and how I feel.

At that time, a lot of negative stuff was crossing my mind all the time, even though I thought of myself as a positive person. Just couldn’t help it. Worked hard on a “change” fighting my mental setup, trying to change the thinking process. Yes, quality of thoughts can change, but there is a much more direct way to get out that, what many experience like a place they got stuck in:

This is the short version. Wake up. Before concentrating on following the flush of thoughts crossing the mind, trying to catch a “good one”, judging each one, believing this is reality, I do this:

WAKE UP! Concentrate to feel the body. Temperature, parts of the body, how does it feel? Soon I feel like warmth, differences in different parts, some are “louder” receive more attention, others more sleepy. The key: non judgemental observation. Then I concentrate on Love. I open my heart or “act as if I could” by being grateful for being awake, aware and alive. If nothing works, I just remember the moment, when my kids came out of the womb – this miracle moment when a brand new human being enters the world. Then, I definitely remember how it feels to feel love and to open the heart. Suddenly, life flows through the body, and feel it consciously, it feels like I AM love, that “stuff” flow right through me.

This habit like any habit works best, when practiced regularly. Give it 3 minutes in the morning, before you get out of day and feel free to take another minute here and there, during the day. Just get to a quiet place, take 3 deep breaths, relax the body as you exhale with a nice deep sight and focus! After 3 weeks, you feel it too, as long as you don’t judge and trust the process. Then, don’t stop! Ever!

All the best,


Let me know how this works for you and all the “yes, but” ‘s your thinking mind or ego comes up with.  COMMENTs highly appreciated!!! 


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