How to feel good about yourself !

Moody and a lot of good reasons for it????  It is obvious: we can’t control life around us. However, we are part of this picture. We can influence our surroundings by the way we respond to situations. The way we appear in the world is how we influence. The way we “vibrate” is what weContinue reading “How to feel good about yourself !”

Billions of Dollars Industry – Antidepressants work mostly due to Placebo Effect

60 Minutes Antidepressants mostly work due to Placebo-effect not due to chemical effect! Yaduma Walking Meditaion can teach you how to create your own Placebo-effect without drugs and learn to fulfill your true needs.

How to stay uplifted in difficult times?

Feeling low, depressed, helpless, sad, anxious? Maybe you have “good reason” to feel low, stressed-out, unmotivated due to some “horrible” situations out there. No job, no money, no partner, no friends, sickness, lack of love, no vision, no hope, no motivation, no vision, the upcoming and programming….. This is life. How can we stay motivatedContinue reading “How to stay uplifted in difficult times?”