Billions of Dollars Industry – Antidepressants work mostly due to Placebo Effect

Last night at 60 Minutes the latest Harvard Medical School Studies revealed that Antidepressants work mostly due to Placebo Effect, only 14% of severe cases of Depression showed some effects due to the chemical reaction of the “medication”….

In 2000 I created Yaduma Walking Meditation for people suffering from
>>> burnt-out, depression, stress-related dis-eases (HBP, Cholesterol, eating/weight disorders, addictions)
> in a pleasant way (outside walking, having a little fun and a good conversation, fresh air…)
>>> to experience instantly moments of JOY as well as
> to install NEW MENTAL and PHYSICAL habits.

I specialized as a “WALKING COACH” to support people to reconnect with their inner world and become curious to discover their individual true potential. My belief is that dis-ease such as continuous lack of joy, or depression, or addiction, or weight problems are caused by a failure of meeting one’s needs – physical, mental, emotional, social needs and the need to discover what makes one’s heart beat higher, what gives pleasure in a healthy way. Our crazy fast lifestyle overindulges with distractions and what the media or society calls “treats”. Time to slow down in every way…

If you are ready to introduce change in your life I might be able to support you to think and act differently, to “install new ideas”, to rewire you mind which is a lifelong process according to your current needs. Coaching means providing smooth pushes to enable your learning and self-empowerment. This can be done via SKYPE, sitting and talking or personally Walking and Talking or first Talking on Skype then Walking…..  A crisis can offer the opportunity to learn a new skill – such as listening to your heart – for life.

If you are ready for a change please contact or contact MissYaduma on SKYPE!

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Joyous days xxx

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