Personalities to Go

  Dream up a good life! What stands in the way, if not our idea about it? You know how roles in life can make us change personality – one as friend, one as a worker, one as a parent/child/sibling, one as a holiday-maker e.t.c.. Imagine the conflict inside one and the same human being switchingContinue reading “Personalities to Go”


Just a quick reminder to be kind to yourself: drop the shouldersdeep relaxing breath and maybe a soft smile on your face. Why? Because it is nice to celebrate your presence in the very moment especially when we tend to be harsh. demanding and judging ourselves.  Obviously, the kindness in your face and heart spreads toContinue reading “Kindness”

Billions of Dollars Industry – Antidepressants work mostly due to Placebo Effect

60 Minutes Antidepressants mostly work due to Placebo-effect not due to chemical effect! Yaduma Walking Meditaion can teach you how to create your own Placebo-effect without drugs and learn to fulfill your true needs.

How to be happy and healthy

Feeling happy and healthy today? My Indian Swami taught me to begin the daily yoga routine by saying 3x to myself ‘i am happy and healthy’. Don’t get it but will experiment, i thought. Now i know that i have everything i need to be or become happy and healthy. It is like a decisionContinue reading “How to be happy and healthy”


If emotions are coloring for life, I prefer the bright colors…. Yet, without black, no white, I guess. How coping with unpleasant, threatening, fearful situations? A message, the transmitting of an information is enough to cause a stroke in some people…. Being aware that emotions are nothing but a current state of the “emotional body”Continue reading “Emotions”