How to exercise more

Stop focusing on what keeps you from doing what you want and get into your power

4 Steps to Feel Confident in any Situation / Master the Pink Elephant Syndrome!

Mental Power is not only important for sports professionals or public speakers. How do you deal with negative thoughts that cross your mind at the wrong moment? Let's say you are in a competition, an important business meeting or on a stage giving a speech. Just one thought comes up that unbalances your emotional state, [...]

Happy to be happy This makes your day! If you are not yet, after this you might as well be happy - just for now!

Coping Strategy: Understand how your mind works

Understand how your mind works to better cope with problems such as Depression, lack of motivation, lack of joy, poor lifestyle habits, stress-related psychosomatic problems such as sleeplessness, HBP, weight problems etc. If you would like to try the little audio, reminding you of the nature of your mind to remember, that your mind is [...]


If my today`s thoughts are the script for tomorrow I keep on dreaming! The truth is: I am a dreamer and some years back I thought I should change. Today I know the one thing I want to change is sticking to negative thoughts in case I do so. Dreaming is essential to visualize and [...]


If emotions are coloring for life, I prefer the bright colors.... Yet, without black, no white, I guess. How coping with unpleasant, threatening, fearful situations? A message, the transmitting of an information is enough to cause a stroke in some people.... Being aware that emotions are nothing but a current state of the "emotional body" [...]

Prepare for Winter

Get your i-pod ready with inspirational audio programmes and uplifting music that makes your heart beat higher and put your sneakers right next to the door. Whenever you realize some negative thoughts or feelings related to lack of light, cold weather, lows take a quick decision:  Just do it without thinking twice: out there and [...]


Spirituality and personal well-being Many cultures practice prayer and spiritual rituals and believe it affects their health (for example Christianity). Spirituality plays a central role in self-help movements such as Alcoholics Anonymous: "...if an alcoholic failed to perfect and enlarge his spiritual life through work and self-sacrifice for others, he could not survive the certain [...]

Learning by doing

From fantasy to creativity and development a large step is missing: Action - the courage to make the things differently. To commit an error means to expose yourself to possible new problems, setback and to be rejected. Thus we prefer not to change and not improve easily. However, errors and problems offer the actual learning [...]

How can we stay positive?

You know these situations: you just can't fool yourself - you are annoyed and you have a good reason to be annoyed. Your mind focused on the issue, you feel accordingly and you don't want to fool yourself, pretend it wouldn't bother you. How about this: remember your mind is an "organ" it is not [...]

No time?

Take your time! The day your health forces you to stop involuntarily you find out: we have all the same amount of time. Say NO if it makes sense and take a break voluntarily! In order to be able to prioritize you need some distance from your duties. A 5-10 minute break is enough to [...]

New habits

How do we introduce new habits? How about some fun and taking it easy!?! 1. Realize what you want to change - 2. Find out WHY you want to change this - 3. Feel like you would feel, if you had already succeeded in this new habit, imagine the feeling - now 4. Observe: still [...]