Prepare for Winter

Get your i-pod ready with inspirational audio programmes and uplifting music that makes your heart beat higher and put your sneakers right next to the door. Whenever you realize some negative thoughts or feelings related to lack of light, cold weather, lows take a quick decision:  Just do it without thinking twice: out there and move your body!!! You may jog or walk, as long and intense as you feel like, just do it!

This is how I do it: winter in Mallorca is smooth and yet humid. Those days I felt uncomfortable – bones feel humidity, circulation slow, cold hands, thinking: gosh, winter is coming! So I take my i-pod, put my jogging shoes on and go out there – what counts is that I do it today, no matter how long, intense, walk or jog.

In case you don’t manage yet, no problem!! You have just realized that your mind is sabotaging you by finding excuses.

And that is a great step!!!

Please contace Manuela at or phone +34 661 682 888 for further information!

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