4 Steps to Feel Confident in any Situation / Master the Pink Elephant Syndrome!

Mental Power is not only important for sports professionals or public speakers. How do you deal with negative thoughts that cross your mind at the wrong moment? Let’s say you are in a competition, an important business meeting or on a stage giving a speech. Just one thought comes up that unbalances your emotional state, makes you feel insecure and cuts off your energy, your concentration and your power. You cannot control everything around you. Your power lies in how you respond to it. Become aware of that fact! You can alter the meaning of a thought and it’s effect with training. Master your mental and physical response to it.

“Don’t think pink elephant!” What happens? You cannot not think pink elephant. Once a thought crosses you mind, your mind creates an image and a meaning, it is hard to get rid of it. The chemistry in the body is already working. The pink elephant or the potential horror scenario you thought of and the insecurity is already present in your mind and in your body. Neither mind nor body work for you anymore and emotions act, as if they were working against you. Blank. Halted. Terrified.

Many coaches use NLP mental techniques to train to associate an internal response with some external or internal trigger so that your reaction, to a difficult situation will be quicker, different, sometimes covertly, reaccessed.  You can expect NLP anchors to last anywhere from a week to a few months, maybe longer. It is like an application you program into your mind to react differently in certain situations. And the application needs to be updated regularly, since everything changes all the time.

We work with Coaching, Chikung and Walking Meditation to teach you how to transform your inner processes, relax, center and sharpen your awareness of what is really going on.  You learn to master your mind, switch from unconscious habitual reations to responding differently in any situation.

If you practice relaxation and become more aware, you can see the same situation from a different perspective and stay in your own power.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Learn how to see reality from a different angle

Step 2: Learn to relax and center

Step 3: Train your awareness continuously

Step 4: Practice

Practising the above, you don’t need to train a specific trigger for every specific situation. It is good enough to be present and know how to stay centered to stay in your power.

Now you know you can change the response to old habits.
You can use your newly discovered ability for any situation!



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