4 Steps to Feel Confident in any Situation / Master the Pink Elephant Syndrome!

Mental Power is not only important for sports professionals or public speakers. How do you deal with negative thoughts that cross your mind at the wrong moment? Let’s say you are in a competition, an important business meeting or on a stage giving a speech. Just one thought comes up that unbalances your emotional state,Continue reading “4 Steps to Feel Confident in any Situation / Master the Pink Elephant Syndrome!”

One simple Exercise to clean your Energy!

Imagine your life as a jungle of different energies vibrating alongside. The family, the colleagues, the confrontations of different ideas and priorities. And mostly: the energies moving us in form of thoughts, emotions and actions. The thousands of years of culture impregnated in our brains down to our very cells. Old information conditioning the wayContinue reading “One simple Exercise to clean your Energy!”

Peaceful Mind – Powerful Body

        Walking Meditation for a peaceful mind and a powerful body

Cope Stress Mind to Body- Body to Mind

“YOU CAN’T REMOVE YOUR HEAD OFF YOUR BODY!   USE BOTH WISELY 🙂 ” Stress starts in the brain. It is a chemical process. Stress hormones cruise your body. You have choices how to deal with it. Understand how stress works and be PROACTIVE: start Walking Meditation! It takes only approximately 6 hours to enableContinue reading “Cope Stress Mind to Body- Body to Mind”

Peace in the present moment

FLOW – fully into what you are doing Being in the NOW Meditation Yoga Sports Experiencing connection with and in Nature Hiking Music   How do you experience peace in the present moment?


  Black, white, colors Ups, downs, movement Life – play of changes   “People believe what they see, make them see” H.TH.

Natural lifestyle for health and happiness

Do you enjoy most of your activities and time? If so, you are probably healthy, happy – pure life. If not, take a chance and change some thinking and acting patterns! It is easy – if you know how!  We can support you in determining your new lifestyle by accompanying  you online on your pathContinue reading “Natural lifestyle for health and happiness”


Someone once said: What goes around comes around. Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing like nobody’s listening. Live like it’s Heaven on Earth. ——0—– May there always be work for your hands to do; May your purse always hold a coin or two;Continue reading “A POST FROM MY GURU”

Free holistic remedy

How come we focus more on our problems and the things we don’t like in our lives than on what we would like? Once the negativity virus has infected the brain it is very hard to quit the cycle – burnout, depression, aggression, high blood pressure, low motivation, sleeplessness, alcohol, drugs, blablabla This is theContinue reading “Free holistic remedy”

Connect with Nature

„We can only take care of nature and society if we take care of our souls.“ Satish Kumar As Walking Coach  I act as a supportive companion. I assist my clients to consciously leave the „monkey mind“ – get out of the brain into the body. Walking in the nature, total relaxation helps to discoverContinue reading “Connect with Nature”

Instant mood lift

Instant mood lift Mediocre mood is an energy killer. You can change it with a simple imagination: imagine yourself taking a little break from your current situation, as if you were going to the movies and totally forget about yourself. Give yourself 2 minutes to visualize the theatres, the movie and the easiness you feelContinue reading “Instant mood lift”