Free holistic remedy

How come we focus more on our problems and the things we don’t like in our lives than on what we would like?
Once the negativity virus has infected the brain it is very hard to quit the cycle – burnout, depression, aggression, high blood pressure, low motivation, sleeplessness, alcohol, drugs, blablabla

This is the ultimate free remedy:
1. Go in the woods
2. Take a walk
3. Don’t think
4. Just do it
5. Try to smile – just a little bit
6. Walk until you feel peace of mind

You don’t like Walking?
IT DOES NOT MATTER! Just do it anyway.
Invite your inbuilt saboteur to come along for a walk in the woods and give you a real hard time…. until your mind finally gives in, endorphins start cruising your blood, you feel your heart beat, you open your eyes and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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