Get prepared for the summer with a little routine!

The Walking Guru Winter is over, the body requires revival, fresh air, circulation, muscles reactivated, metabolism boosted.Start a little Powerwalking routine now. It so simple, easy and super efficient for fat burning, anti aging, a peaceful mind and to improve medical conditions such as HPB, high Cholesterol, Depression, Burnout etc…..If you need motivation and inspirationContinue reading “Get prepared for the summer with a little routine!”

Free holistic remedy

How come we focus more on our problems and the things we don’t like in our lives than on what we would like? Once the negativity virus has infected the brain it is very hard to quit the cycle – burnout, depression, aggression, high blood pressure, low motivation, sleeplessness, alcohol, drugs, blablabla This is theContinue reading “Free holistic remedy”

Hypnotic Tales

Hypnotic tales can be helpful to discover your capacity of dealing with situations differently. Tales inspire the subconscious and give hope whether you suffer from depression or alcohol abuse. The Door A few¬† centuries back in some small oriental country the Sultan was looking for a new Vizier because the old one had died. HeContinue reading “Hypnotic Tales”