DEPRESSION ANXIETY versus JOY of LIFE Did you ever suffer from depression or grow up in an environment of depression, alcohol and negativity? Did you ever experience an almost constant lack of joy, energy, light, hope or air to breathe? How does undiagnosed depression correlate with • Alcohol consume • Alcohol disease • Drug abuseContinue reading “DEPRESSION ANXIETY”

Instant mood lift

Instant mood lift Mediocre mood is an energy killer. You can change it with a simple imagination: imagine yourself taking a little break from your current situation, as if you were going to the movies and totally forget about yourself. Give yourself 2 minutes to visualize the theatres, the movie and the easiness you feelContinue reading “Instant mood lift”

Stressful situations

Do you have strategies to cope with problems or stress? Do you drink a glass of alcohol in order to relax? Can you better enjoy going out with alcohol? Do you have a hard time not to drink alcohol when socializing? Do you tend to get physically tense during stressful situations? Do you know about self-hypnosisContinue reading “Stressful situations”

Use 1440 Minutes wisely!

Imagine you take a full recovery break for the full length of 60 minutes with the only goal to just feel good. During this time, you put all open issues and problems aside to take care of them when your full break is completed. During these 60 minutes time out you concentrate on your body,Continue reading “Use 1440 Minutes wisely!”