Did you ever suffer from depression or grow up in an environment of depression, alcohol and negativity?

Did you ever experience an almost constant lack of joy, energy, light, hope or air to breathe?

How does undiagnosed depression correlate with

• Alcohol consume
• Alcohol disease
• Drug abuse
• Addictions such as extensive sports or eating disorders
• Etc. ?

Compensating one problem with another is definitely no sustainable solution. Yet, supervised anti-depressants combined with therapy might be necessary to initially change the hormones in the system and get out of what they call “chronic depression”.

How can we replace unbeneficial thoughts, habits and emotions with constructive ones that enable us to live our life the way we choose?

I believe in learning and training, training, training!

After thousands of hours as a “Walking Coach” working with people in crisis and due to my own story I experienced that shifting your focus on what feels right and good rather than fighting against or running away from what feels bad is the way to overwrite thinking and acting habits.

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