WHO do you think you are???

Some are “too full of themselves” others to empty. Career, money, achievements and external visible and showable success are mere temporary labels of the shell. But who are you really? Quantum physics says it, ancient philosophies and religions say it: you are not the body. Your body is a mere vehicle for this lifetime journey.Continue reading “WHO do you think you are???”

Relaxation supports Healing

Meditation Techniques and positive Psychology are scientifically proven to enhance the healing process

What makes YOU smile? or How to restructure genes!

Smiling is a easy way to restructure your brain. You are what you think and you what you think you are is flexible…. http://theWalkingGuru.org

Release stress

Want to release stress? Focus on HOW you want to feel and HOW you would feel if you were totally free to enjoy the moment. Take a virtual break. Imagine you would put all your problems, fears, duties, things-to-do aside for only 5 minutes, knowing that they will still be there after your 5 minuteContinue reading “Release stress”

Change – The Law of Attraction

  Why is change so difficult? Our thinking patterns are effected by genetics, education, conditioning…. We may experience “automized” thinking and feeling reactions that seem out of our control. We attract what we are used to. We expect situations, things, emotions to happen the way we have experienced before. To “change your mind” means toContinue reading “Change – The Law of Attraction”


Got no resources against boredom? People seem to be afraid of boredom. Youngsters who got nothing to do look for inspiration with drugs and alcohol. What is the problem? When my kids where little, they would say: “mommy, I am bored, can I watch TV” I would say: “Oh, you are bored, that’s great (inContinue reading “Boredom”


DEPRESSION ANXIETY versus JOY of LIFE Did you ever suffer from depression or grow up in an environment of depression, alcohol and negativity? Did you ever experience an almost constant lack of joy, energy, light, hope or air to breathe? How does undiagnosed depression correlate with • Alcohol consume • Alcohol disease • Drug abuseContinue reading “DEPRESSION ANXIETY”

Instant mood lift

Instant mood lift Mediocre mood is an energy killer. You can change it with a simple imagination: imagine yourself taking a little break from your current situation, as if you were going to the movies and totally forget about yourself. Give yourself 2 minutes to visualize the theatres, the movie and the easiness you feelContinue reading “Instant mood lift”

Stressful situations

Do you have strategies to cope with problems or stress? Do you drink a glass of alcohol in order to relax? Can you better enjoy going out with alcohol? Do you have a hard time not to drink alcohol when socializing? Do you tend to get physically tense during stressful situations? Do you know about self-hypnosisContinue reading “Stressful situations”

Hypnotic Tales

Hypnotic tales can be helpful to discover your capacity of dealing with situations differently. Tales inspire the subconscious and give hope whether you suffer from depression or alcohol abuse. The Door A few  centuries back in some small oriental country the Sultan was looking for a new Vizier because the old one had died. HeContinue reading “Hypnotic Tales”