Stressful situations

Do you have strategies to cope with problems or stress? Do you drink a glass of alcohol in order to relax? Can you better enjoy going out with alcohol? Do you have a hard time not to drink alcohol when socializing? Do you tend to get physically tense during stressful situations? Do you know about self-hypnosisContinue reading “Stressful situations”

ALCOHOL helps?!!?

Alcohol helps to not feel nervousness? Alcohol helps to survive the pressure? Alcohol helps to stop the monkey mind „thinking“? Alcohol helps to change the intensity of emotions? Alcohol helps to act like you were easygoing? Alcohol helps to fall in love? Alcohol helps to get lost? Alcohol helps to imagine you were free? AlcoholContinue reading “ALCOHOL helps?!!?”

Hypnotic Tales

Hypnotic tales can be helpful to discover your capacity of dealing with situations differently. Tales inspire the subconscious and give hope whether you suffer from depression or alcohol abuse. The Door A few  centuries back in some small oriental country the Sultan was looking for a new Vizier because the old one had died. HeContinue reading “Hypnotic Tales”