Change – The Law of Attraction

  Why is change so difficult? Our thinking patterns are effected by genetics, education, conditioning.... We may experience "automized" thinking and feeling reactions that seem out of our control. We attract what we are used to. We expect situations, things, emotions to happen the way we have experienced before. To "change your mind" means to [...]

Natural lifestyle for health and happiness

Do you enjoy most of your activities and time? If so, you are probably healthy, happy - pure life. If not, take a chance and change some thinking and acting patterns! It is easy - if you know how!  We can support you in determining your new lifestyle by accompanying  you online on your path [...]

Living the present moment

Is your mind constantly busy planning the next duty or thing to do? Do you tend to do five things at a time and yet feel like not having enough time to do what you want to do? Is the TV on at home all the time? Does silence make you feel nervous? So you [...]