Got no resources against boredom?

People seem to be afraid of boredom. Youngsters who got nothing to do look for inspiration with drugs and alcohol.
What is the problem?

When my kids where little, they would say: “mommy, I am bored, can I watch TV”
I would say: “Oh, you are bored, that’s great (in the sense of how exiting…) – let’s see what happens next”
Since they were little kids, open, no (negative) expectations but curiosity, they always came up with something interesting, in fact some real amazing creative ideas – such as a watering system with an old piece of hose and bits and pieces from the tool box…..

I guess once we start expecting something negative is when boredom becomes an issue.

Just an experiment: next time you are bored, just sit down, wait and see what comes up….

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