What makes YOU smile? or How to restructure genes!

A collegue ¬†from Mallorca asked me: What makes you smile? I realized: Many things make me smile, a loving look from my loved one, observing kids, activities outdoors… But more importantly I decide to smile as often as I can. Smiling is healthy. Neuronal plasticity means every emotion, every mental impulse has a neural correlate and is thus simultaneously somatic! So neurons and the frequency of their interconnections can not only get lost, but also be reformed. An important neurobiological principle is: Use it or lose it!

So I decided at some point: I observe what I think and say and I try to realize that I can choose to feel good as much as I can. In fact, I made it my job to teach “how to install healthy and happy (drug-free) habits”, how to feel good in the moment and how to change mental and emotional programs. We can restructure genes and programs that don’t serve us no longer just by changing habits.P1010192

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What makes YOU smile? And more interestingly: Do you decide to smile more?

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