WHO do you think you are???

Some are “too full of themselves” others to empty. Career, money, achievements and external visible and showable success are mere temporary labels of the shell. But who are you really?

Quantum physics says it, ancient philosophies and religions say it: you are not the body. Your body is a mere vehicle for this lifetime journey. You are not the mind, your intellect is a mere tool to learn, remember and make things easier. You are not your emotions, emotions are a momentary imprint of how you vibrate inside, a strong feeling deriving from your circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

So what is left of “you”, if you are none of the above? What is “inside” you and what makes this energy run?

Some never ask this question and reduce themselves to a concept, an idea, a want-to-be self-made consequence of their actions without considering where this energy inside comes from, who has shaped the way they think, feel and act and what would be left of themselves, if they were able to wipe out all the concepts, ideas, programming and social conditioning. How do YOU determine which of your actions are right and which are wrong? What is really good for you and what is just a ego-booster or a lower-self weakness for instant gratification? What is aligned with a bigger picture and what not, meaning what decisions do you make selfishly, helping just you and your crowd? What decisions do you make actively or passively, that don’t fit to your innermost truth and ethics. Never asking such questions doesn’t relief from being responsible. Keeping the mouth, closing your eyes as if you wouldn’t see it doesn’t make you a better person.

Sometimes it takes a serious illness, a heart attack or cancer or a cruel hit by destiny to wake up and become real, like it happened to me. Better don’t wait for that moment and start listening deep inside right now, beyond the walls of the ego, the chatter of the Monkey Mind and emotional rollercoaster. Clear out, what is not yours, discover where your heart really beats higher, and become more humble. When you hear yourself saying: “Things just never work out the way I want them to”. Or: “My way or no way”. Or “no matter what the cost, I will achieve that” or “yes, I know, but” – that is a good moment to stop acting, stop thinking, stop doing and start listening. Connect with the flow instead of fighting your (really good or bad?) will, get rid of bulk and legacy of pollution.

Health and Happiness is nothing to be acquired from outside. Technology, drugs and money seem to help to purchase what we don’t have, but they don’t fill the gap inside. Operations, alcohol, coffee and pills don’t cure the origin of the problem. Facing the truth may. And it is worth the effort: imagine you see yourself being content on the last day of your life, despite possible aches and pains saying: it was worth every single step, my most valuable inner treasures I shared with people and those treasures never die!

Ready to discover your inner treasures? Enjoy the inner journey!!!

PS:  If you got curious and want to make the effort to connect with something inside that got almost lost in all the hustle running behind ideals that are most probably not even yours, check this out:

A little book called LOGBOOK for an inner pilgrimage, available via http://theWalkingGuru.org or in German language on Amazon: LOGBUCH -Tagebuch und Anleitungen für die Beziehung zu Dir selbst: https://www.amazon.de/dp/3961240728/

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