Relaxation supports Healing

Oh my gosh, how terrible!” is the last thing you want to hear when in distress, especially when suffering from devastating dis-eases such as eating disorders, fibromyalgia, depression or cancer. Hopelessness is a killer. Imagine instead, how motivating it would be, to wake up in the morning, knowing, that you can change your wellbeing little by little every day. Every day you take another step applying tools to change the brain chemistry, reduce stress, acidity and toxins in the body and promote healing. Learn to switch from uncontrolled fear, nervousness and stress to observing, awareness and relaxation.
Meditation Techniques and positive Psychology are scientifically proven to enhance the healing process. The intention and regular training to relax, observe, let go and focus on positive emotions creates a new “mental and emotional habit”.  Imagine, you had the confidence to have the capacity to change the experience of every moment, even in very difficult times. Life energy flows and you gain your life back!
Mindful Walking Exercise and Relaxation Techniques are easy, effective and fun tools, as long as you know how to apply them and practice regularly.

Yaduma™ Coaching offers group workshops and individual coaching sessions (also by phone or Skype) to learn, apply and track your success. Check out . Conscious Walking exercise is one of the easiest ways for Western pondering minds to experience quick relief:

For those who cannot leave home or cannot walk Yaduma™ teaches a variety of alternatives over the phone. 2 coaching sessions are enough to get you started on the new track! Check it out

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