Stay Healthy!

what is the chance of the crisis?

Why Life-Coaching Gift-Vouchers don’t work

why gift vouchers don't work if you want positive changes

Head💚less Chicken

is #Ayahuasca the answer to your questions? Will #Tantra heal your sexual childhood trauma? What is you #purpose and what are you here for?

Moodswings, Burnout, Depression: A Spiritual Crisis?

If you are highly sensitive or learned how to put up you numbness bar, neglecting feelings or bursting out hurting others not only hurts them but yourself and easily results in depression or addictive behaviour. a form od Self-Sabotage. Where can you find hope, relief and a path, other than drugs or selfishly manipulating the world around you?

Dealing with Guilt, Shame and Blame?

Where does guilt, share and blame come from? We all know those situations where an emotion arises that is not based on actual facts but an inner process happening in the background, deep down inside... In Life-Coaching you meet many people. And many people have this subtle feeling of guilt or shame for no real [...]

Feels Good

How to align Thought and Emotion?