10 Simple Things You Can Do During Crisis – Part 7

Experience something new!

When you feel stuck in a negative rollercoaster, it can be hard to step out of that frame of mind. It doesn’t really matter, what made you feel stuck in the first place and whose fault it is. It is definitely on us to deal with the situation. I have a hard time to forgive myself my errors, however, only when we stop blaming ourselves or others, we become less emotional, see clearer and are able to exit the downward spiral and make better decisions.

Here is a simple approach to exit a cycle of negativity, when you feel stuck:

Experience something new!

If your mind brings up all kinds of excuses, for not executing a positive habit, you just experiment anyway. Make it a simple, small exiting experiment! Just a little time a day is good enough to give the negativity cycle a break and harness positive vibrations. It’s not about running away from reality, it is about becoming clear, grounded and positive.

Here are some inspirations to step out of the negativity mouse-wheel and start introducing new healthy, energizing habits.

Wake up earlier than usual!

The early morning hours have a big influence on how our mind works. If you have motivational issues, check out the Early Bird’s Club. Once you made that waking up early idea a new habit, you will love the extra time for yourself, that you are totally free to enjoy, without any duties.

Try a new sport such as:
regular walking, hiking, rollerblading, swimming, work-out at the gym, yoga, online-trainings of all sorts, slackline,

Take a break from mental and emotional exhaustion by practicing a new instrument:
drumming, Kalimba, Ukelele, intuitive instruments, singing bowls, flutes

Get out of the thinking mode by concentrating on a creative task:
drawing mandalas, coloring them, painting with acrylic color or watercolor, ceramic work, do some gardening or plant on the window shelves, draw into sand or build a picture by putting stones in the ground, build a tower make of stones…
Experiment with hypnotic writing, practice with a new kind of meditation, e.g. walking meditation outdoors.

All these activities help to explore the space beyond habitual thinking and habitual emotional reacting. You practice to be present versus repeating old thinking and reactive patterns. These breaks have a huge potential: To discover something new that gets you our of the rut you were stuck in.

What you need is determination and consistency. Start with a small task, e.g. 10 minutes Walking Meditation a day and notice the difference in your well-being over time!

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