Happiness for Christmas

When are you most happy?

Just realised that I do have some subscribers on my blog and it made me happy. I love to share topics that have a potential to be as helpful to others, as they were to me. What drives me is creating something beautiful, meaningful, fun or inspiring. When you realise, that you are being heard and appreciated for your efforts, makes you happy, no matter whether subscribers turn into clients and effort turns into turnover or not.

What makes me most happy is spending quality time in nature or with people I love. When alone in nature, there is a moment when there is only peace and beauty. It is easy there, for the mind to slow down and be present here now. You forget about yourself, no thinking, no judging, no monkey mind chatter, no need for anything, just be. Spending quality time with people is when we give another full non-judgemental attention and presence. A real gift! The third thing that makes me happy is being creative and get into a state of flow. Here you also forget about yourself and are totally involved in the process, one with the process of creating- being, both, the creator and life itself, one with life.

What is it, that makes you happy?

Most of us, realise that some point, it is not anything external that you could acquire from somebody but the ability to be present, that gives us the richest warmth and wellbeing- and that we can gift to others. Be, feel and give love just by being clear and present.

Imagine a world where we can talk about everything fearlessly without being judged, rejected, discriminated, bullied or abandoned. Without having to manipulate, convince, be better or be right. It is possible. It is possible, when we start with ourselves, how we judge, doubt, reject ourselves, without even realising. When we notice how we distract ourselves from whatever unwanted thoughts and feelings, instead of daring to face what is inside of us. Being more and more aware is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves and others. No need to fight, no need to project, no need to neglect, surpress, hide or run away from.

True presence is bold and makes vulnerable. It allows real connection with yourself and others. Lots of pure clear energy in motion to be lived.

I wish everybody who reads this a whole lot of courage to be more and more present. There is a possibility that it is easy! Especially, when we stop going in the same mental circles and lifestyle habits as we are used to. How??? I really love to be in nature and be quiet, and then, without searching, all of a sudden everything is perfectly fine. The mind calms down and all there is is a sense of clarity and love. Delicious!

What is it, that makes you happy?

Really, what is it, that makes you really happy once you dare to be aware?

Happy holy days and much L O V E XXX

Walking Guru Coaching & Mentoring

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