Gold and Shit

Looks like shit at first, and turns out to be gold

Manuela Stoerzer

If only I had realised this many years ago! Everything comes with two sides to it. Looking at circumstances through rose coloured or black coloured glasses doesn’t change what is. Interestingly enough, the power is in our hands. No, I don’t mean fighting what you don’t like, I refer to making new choices and breaking old ineffective habits. For me that was something like breaking through the irrational fear of conflict that felt like life-threatening that I work on. It’s by facing and feeling those fears, not by simply reading about it and analysing them or trying to drink or smoke them away.

Our adult mind would say, if that is that easy, I am okay, and I dare to face those feelings.… if there was not this part in us, that is super scared of facing the pain that is stuck in the body from some former times in childhood.

We come with a body, a mind and emotions for a reason. We don’t come with instructions, but we can find them inside. One way to access the internal instructions is to go out in nature and be all silent. maybe you walk slowly and consciously and concentrate on your breathing. or you take a break and sit and observe and enjoy peace and calm. Once you noticed that your mind has calmed down, it’s a good moment to dare to feel.

I wholeheartedly thank the people who have pushed my triggers most. You became my biggest healing chances.

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