Feeling Low or Thriving during COVID-19?

Life is a flow of ups and downs, isn’t it. If it wasn’t we were probably dead. Sometimes the movement is more, sometimes less. When it hits us hard and downs become intense over a long period of time, it is easy to fall into a depressed state of mind/emotion/action. Mind-slash-emotion-slash because you can’t really experience a clear division of mental state and emotional state, while being in the body. And the mental-emotional state can have huge impact on our spectrum of activities.

During COVID-19 times most of the world is locked down inside their homes. People who are used to a structured life, social interactions, professional sense of achievement, wether positive or rather a daily mouse-wheel scenario are now thrown out of their habitual life patterns.

We can’t deny the limitations we are facing. In many countries people are not allowed to go out at all, other than for existential needs. We are now also facing fears that we are not used to face consciously: what if – world economy collapses, what if I lose my job, my spouse, my house, my everything, etc.. Relationships are threatened: what if the person you share your life with turns out to be different than your dream about him or her? Or you turn out to be different than her or his illution of you?

Provoking: This is an opportunity!

Really? Taking advantage of the situation? Taking advantage can be positive and negative – like everything. A major international Sports Brand will not pay their rent, due to COVID-19, even though they made 23 Billion of turnover and 2 million profit last year. That’s not the type of taking advantage I refer to.

The situation implies the need to restructure daily habits for many people. Being thrown out of the mouse-wheel can be a chance to take time and dare to investigate your true nature, beyond all inherited and conditioned masks and habits. Free yourself from “self-imposed” limitations, even if these might not feel like self-imposed at all… If you were living a very happy and balanced lifestyle before, now is a challenge to expand your know-how. Experiment with those external limitations and how to use your inner freedom to constructively respond to them. And possibly share your insights to the benefit of others.

Some have a habit of balancing out emotional discomfort, nasty neighbors or nagging thoughts with intense sports activities, letting the produced endorphins fight the low. A strategy that requires balance. Now, locked in, you can explore this balance: What else does it really take for you to feel good about yourself and the world?

Some have a habit of getting busy in what they believe “very important” work morning to night and have a glass of wine or two at night to “unwind”. A strategy that requires honesty and courage to face the truth.

Some smoke Ganga first thing in the morning to last at night which may be medically recommended. A strategy that requires moderation. What exactly are you feeling without smoking weed all day long threatening? Something may lead to another and reveal itself just by daring to feel instead of distracting.

Some spend their time complaining about others, themselves, life, past or future while engaging in actions they enjoy, don’t care about, or complain about as well. A strategy to ignoring own needs, wishes, potentials. If you have a period of complaining about others, then this is a chance now to explore what’s behind that habit. What do you really want? What do you really need?

A Chance to liberate your strength

Let’s say: this is a chance to get into your own power. If this sounds ridiculous or too provoking, you may say: no more excuses, no more distractions, facing the truth. Let’s be honest! And act upon the insights.

Time to get back to Inner Peace

Inner Peace? Yes!!!

Most people are aware that we are social beings who create the movie of how they experience life in our own minds. Thinking habits, feeling habits and possibly intuition may create that picture. Or we create that picture consciously, with awareness. Wether with vision boards and mission statements, honest talks with trustworthy people or simply meditating.

Everybody else around serves as a co-actor in our movie. Who doesn’t know the scenarios in the mind before something actually happens to occur in the “real” material world, or at least, how you experience it?

Inner peace is not the same as the state you are in when ignoring the truth or distracting from it… Whatever threatens our inner peace can be a learning chance, to inspire us to keep growing.

It is also obvious, that you are probably not a monk who meditates 5 years on Love and Peace, you wouldn’t sit here now, reading this. It is obvious, that most people can’t or don’t want to spend 5 years of their lives meditating at a remote spot on earth in order to find inner peace. The exiting detail is this: you don’t need to meditate years and years. It is enough if you slowly and kindly add a few daily habits into your life that will overwrite some unnecessary habitual pattern in order to find inner peace. These habits may seem insignificant at first and may have a severe impact on your level of awareness and quality of life.

Facing the Truth

Many people unconsciously draw worst case scenarios. I tend to draw scenarios in pink, no matter what, in order to see the best in people and ignore the fact that we are all human… Both approaches have their pros and cons as long as you don’t lack being here now – missing awareness you risk to misinterpret facts and your subconscious (survival) programme keeps writing the movie you experience like it has been in the past.

Life is Continuous Improv Theater

There are certain rules or tricks to make this either an exiting adventure, a never-ending nightmare, or a series of boring repetitive scenes, lacking YOUR creativity and zest. In improvisation theater one rule is: “yes and” instead of “yes, but” or “no”…

These rules and tricks are mostly about getting beyond the own ego, becoming aware that (local-brain) knowledge is and will be always limited and that there is a field, that we are all part of, that has all the answers. We are all the same, made out of the same stuff, have the same deep-down needs and wishes, no matter what nationality and the mix of genes. We come from the same place and go back there. The variety of us together is, what makes life playful, colorful, interesting.

We are free to make choices, once we are aware, that we can do so:
We cannot control life around us, even though we might try possibly almost all the time. We can control and choose the way we respond to a situation, once we are aware and train to do so.

How do you benefit from this situation?

What do you do with this situation? How do you respond? What chance is there for you to grow?

How do you feel during this time? Can you dare to be honest? Do you share your feelings with somebody or just process them in your own mind?

Being honest takes the courage to become bigger than humanity’s habitual ego-defense-systems such as running away, hiding, hitting back aggressively or passive aggressively to whatever comes up, neglecting how you feel (with or without help of distraction strategies) or putting yourself down to stay in the habitual discomfort of the comfort zone. You get the idea: probe your inner workings and face the truth.

BTW don’t get me wrong: distraction strategies can be super-helpful at times, when things get totally out of balance.

Are you brave enough to state your Status Quo to yourself? Do you have the courage, courage and courage to be honest to yourself?

If you feel low now, examine what it is, that you are actually feeling. Feeling low is not a feeling it is more of a description that your joy-level is low. What do you feel, fear, anger, sadness? Examine your inner world and communicate about it or write it down in a diary. What thoughts come up?

This is the perfect time to add a tiny brief morning meditation. Let it be 5 or 10 minutes daily. This is to explore and find out more about yourself and life.

This is the perfect time to start doing whatever you do more consciously:

When you brush your teeth, you take your time, brushing your teeth consciously from side to side, smoothly, front, inside, upper jaw, lower jaw versus a mechanical automized movement.
When you eat, eat consciously and taste how the flavor of the food changes while you jew. Train your awareness by focusing on whatever you do, right here, right now! Now is the perfect time to train to do so.

Discover, welcome and make friend with old patterns

Now is also the time to acknowledge and accept old unconscious and especially unwanted habitual reactions come up more easily. Sounds annoying or scary? Let go of resistance. Agree with what is. That frees from fighting against it and liberates so much energy.

Play with Attitude

What if you decided to – just for the experiment – not judge anything, whatever there is, whatever comes up. When you are annoyed by something, you just acknowledge what is. When something you like happens, you just acknowledge it, without putting a good or bad label on. As if there was no “good” and “bad”.

Imagine yourself experimenting, just for a day or a week, to change your attitude towards yourself! You could treat yourself like you would treat your baby, or your puppy – you would give yourself what you really need and not more and not less, because you are aware that well-being is about balance, quality, love and kindness.

On a stage II you can also play with attitude towards your biggest “enemies”: Apply a higher level of wider awareness.

Everything is energy and vibration.
And we are aware of it.
Now more than before.

Let’s play!

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