How to Stay Strong and Healthy!

How do you boost your immune system? Here is an idea: In order to make use of your gifts during times of crisis instead of freaking out with worries, weakening your immune system, contemplate on how you can nourish positive vibes within and around you! Besides eating healthy, living disciplined exercising, maintaining positive sleeping habits and all this, focus on how you vibrate: your quality of thoughts and emotions. How do you do that? By training your awareness, you act as if you would look down on you from a wider perspective with a torch and observe your thoughts and observe your emotions. Some call this meditation. I refer to practicing this habit on a regular basis, not just when you have time to retreat yourself to sit down quietly.

My job since 19 years has been to coach people towards healthy mental, emotional and physical habits. Inspiring people to reconnect with their inner core, essence, nature, through Walking Meditation, daily awareness experiments and learning to build simple healthy habits is my passion.

During these times of total chaos, worries, disease and deaths all over the world, there is one thing you can do: be respons-able for the way you vibrate! If fear seems to weaken your well-being, become aware of it, act upon it or get support! This is your freedom, choice and responsibility. This is a time where Love and Care is the way to conquer the ill-ness of our time. Love all emotions unconditionally and use them positively as a source of energy.

You might ask HOW?

Here are some ideas:

Talk with your loved ones and people you trust
Sharen -what bugs you and what you care about most
Don’t hold back
Get support from Professionals

Ask and you shall receive

You can reach out to me right now by whatsapp to +34661682888!
Allow me to support you find solutions that suit your needs and possibilities!
Check in your community for support!
Go online and do some research!
Decide and act!

If you want some positive vibes these days, follow and share your own positive input to the Facebook page The Walking Guru. Share your insights, experiences and support!

Learn to use fear as a resource and use the energy to create something productive!
Learn how to switch from unconscious reaction to conscious choice knowing how your brain works
Train the ability to choose instead of react habitually
Learn to forgive yourself
Be happy with who you are

Lots of Love


Photo: the amazing hen, that gave me eggs to eat. Also thanks to her “owner”♥️

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