Stay Healthy!

Here is an idea: In order to make use of your gifts during times of crisis instead of freaking out with worries, weakening your immune system, contemplate on how you can nourish positive vibes within and around you!

My job since 19 years has been to coach people towards healthy mental, emotional and physical habits. Inspiring people to reconnect with their inner core, essence, nature, through Walking Meditation, awareness experiments and simple daily habits is my passion.

During these times of total chaos, worries, disease and deaths all over the world, There is one thing you can do: be respons-able for the way you vibrate! If fear seems to weaken your well-being, get support! It’s your job to be aware and act accordingly. This is a time where Love and Care is the way to conquer the ill-ness of out time.

You might ask HOW?

Talk with your loved ones. Share what you care about most. Don’t hold back. Professionals like me are happy to reach out and provide our services for little or no money if needed! Ask and you shall receive!

Since I cannot fly back to Europe right now, you can only reach me by whatsapp at +34661682888.

If you want some positive input these days, please follow the Facebook page The Walking Guru. It is the most viable way to share videos right now.

I will be posting short live videos there with the intention to inspire you

-to shift from fear to love

-from unconscious reaction to awareness

-to train the ability to choose how you want to respond to a situation.

My flight from Costa Rica back to Europe on March 31st has been postphoned till May. In the meantime, let’s stay connected xx

Lots of Live from Costa Rica


Ps: the photo is the amazing hen, that gives me eggs to eat every day 😊🙏♥️

Published by Manuela Stoerzer

Essentially Fun, Personal Development Coach, Published Author, Model, Actress, Improv Artist

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