Use 1440 Minutes wisely!

Imagine you take a full recovery break for the full length of 60 minutes with the only goal to just feel good. During this time, you put all open issues and problems aside to take care of them when your full break is completed. During these 60 minutes time out you concentrate on your body, breath, the beauty around you and charge yourself with all the positive thoughts you can think of. You are grateful for the 1440 life minutes available for you every day.

Some people have a jogging routine, go horseback riding or do other activities that involve focus on the body, aerobic exercise, fresh air and pure enjoyment. This routine supports them to achieve a positive mindset and charges their batteries on every level.

If you “have no time”, if you are looking for a fun routine to include into your 1440 minutes and if you are ready for a change, have a look at Yaduma’s Walking+Coaching offer. This service is created to support your change towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Walking+Coaching sessions are available in Munich in now. Please call Manuela at 01520-3135 335 for further information. We speak German, English, Spanish or French!

Published by Manuela Stoerzer

Prize-awarded Coaching Method to optimize habits since 2000 internationally.

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