Create time and space for yourSELF!

What is so special about WALKING? It is one of the most natural things to do for a human being. Yet, we tend to do it too little, so the body is suffering and the mind is collapsing of stress. It seems to be easier to meet an appointment with somebody than to meet upContinue reading “Create time and space for yourSELF!”

Get prepared for the summer with a little routine!

The Walking Guru Winter is over, the body requires revival, fresh air, circulation, muscles reactivated, metabolism boosted.Start a little Powerwalking routine now. It so simple, easy and super efficient for fat burning, anti aging, a peaceful mind and to improve medical conditions such as HPB, high Cholesterol, Depression, Burnout etc…..If you need motivation and inspirationContinue reading “Get prepared for the summer with a little routine!”