Create time and space for yourSELF!

What is so special about WALKING?

It is one of the most natural things to do for a human being. Yet, we tend to do it too little, so the body is suffering and the mind is collapsing of stress.

It seems to be easier to meet an appointment with somebody than to meet up with your own needs in terms of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A Walking routine creates that space to learn to listen inside, to have your mind calm down, to feel at ease and peaceful and do do your body some good.

If you make appointments with yourself for as little as 30-60 minutes 3 times a week for your own wellbeing space and time for yourself, you create that space to reconnect and feel good, not only physically but in a holistic way.

Give it a try and see how easy you make it for yourself to keep up with your appointment!

If you need support to start we currently offer introductory classes, hiking, cardiovascular exercise in the sierras and Lake Tahoe area as well as email-coaching to get you started, to make the most out of every experience and to stay motivated

Enjoy your time!!!

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