One simple Exercise to clean your Energy!

clean energyImagine your life as a jungle of different energies vibrating alongside. The family, the colleagues, the confrontations of different ideas and priorities. And mostly: the energies moving us in form of thoughts, emotions and actions. The thousands of years of culture impregnated in our brains down to our very cells. Old information conditioning the way we think, feel and act. We are still tuned in into old energies, that are not necessarily ours, and function according to those rules, mostly without even being aware of them.

So what?

You run the risk of being torn apart, living other people’s life and not your own. There is only one solution: continuously clearing out the s**t, low-level energy, that blocks us from being able to see the bigger picture. If our energy is not clean, we can get stuck in old patterns, not only acting, but especially thinking and feeling negatively.

Who doesn’t know that one

A situation arises that you don’t like and instantly a negative thought and a negative emotion runs riot. Emotions can be so overwhelming that they can make us see things in a very narrow way. Or, they can be so powerful, that we get too euphoric and don’t see things clearly either. Emotions can ruin the day quickly.

What’s the solution?

The solution is awareness. Once we manage to detect immediately which circuit breaker has been switched, we can gain our power back. Then become responsible instead of react habitually or lose it. This is not about denying emotions, it is about reading emotions and dealing with them, instead of being taken over. This is not about fighting thoughts, it is about allowing them to come and go without attaching to the thinking process. Thoughts and feelings are tools for us to use, not to be used by.

Cleaning your energy means continuously being aware of what is going on and dealing with it. If I get too emotional, I lose energy. If I get stuck in thinking circles, I lose energy. In order to use my energy, I need to keep it clean and channel it the way I choose.

A simple exercise

A way to channel your energy and stay centered is to concentrate your mind on a point three fingers below your belly button. This point is the center of your energy body. When you do this exercise, make sure to relax your body posture and breathe deeply before starting. Do this regularly, at least once a day. It takes no minute and is super-valuable when you need to keep yourself together in challenging situations.

Have Fun!

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