4 Steps to Feel Confident in any Situation / Master the Pink Elephant Syndrome!

Mental Power is not only important for sports professionals or public speakers. How do you deal with negative thoughts that cross your mind at the wrong moment? Let’s say you are in a competition, an important business meeting or on a stage giving a speech. Just one thought comes up that unbalances your emotional state,Continue reading “4 Steps to Feel Confident in any Situation / Master the Pink Elephant Syndrome!”

Walking makes you peaceful

Scientists say that Walking exercise has a very positive impact on your mental capacities due to the crosswise movement of legs and arms. Those who practice Walking regularly know that it clears your mind. During this meditative exercise you may learn to let go of issues and possible problems that preoccupy you and give yourselfContinue reading “Walking makes you peaceful”

Challenging Times

When circumstances become challenging stress and worries are easy to appear which is not helpful in the process….. In challenging times it is especially important to maintain and develop an even more relaxed and positive mindset. Focus on what really matters helps to concentrate on the objective rather than mentally sticking to the problem. DuringContinue reading “Challenging Times”