Training the Mind versus Struggle

Do you know the story of the eagle egg that happened to be placed into a hen’s nest and grew up with chickens, thinking of itself as a chicken? This is what happens, when we identify with our story and¬†upbringing instead of realizing our true being, essence, potentials: We become prisoners of the past andContinue reading “Training the Mind versus Struggle”

LOHAS – lifestyle of health and sustainability

Do you recycle garbage? I heard a story in Munich, Germany of a¬† “garbage professional”: he said the garbage left after the recycled garbage taken away does not burn anymore. This is why the garbage industry buys “recyclable paper” from the recycle industry to make the garbage burn! So you wonder if it makes senseContinue reading “LOHAS – lifestyle of health and sustainability”

Walking makes you peaceful

Scientists say that Walking exercise has a very positive impact on your mental capacities due to the crosswise movement of legs and arms. Those who practice Walking regularly know that it clears your mind. During this meditative exercise you may learn to let go of issues and possible problems that preoccupy you and give yourselfContinue reading “Walking makes you peaceful”


Debbie Ford’s 21day consciousness cleanse: A lesson to learn for emotional adults: Nobody is coming to save me, nobody is coming to choose for me and nobody can shepherd this soul into the life it was meant to live but me. I am the mother, the father, the sister, the brother, the teacher and theContinue reading “Responsibility”