Training the Mind versus Struggle

Do you know the story of the eagle egg that happened to be placed into a hen’s nest and grew up with chickens, thinking of itself as a chicken?

This is what happens, when we identify with our story and upbringing instead of realizing our true being, essence, potentials: We become prisoners of the past and the programs that run in our minds. The monkey mind controls our experiences, constantly trying to find out what could be wrong. This keeps us from focussing what is really important to us, an endless struggle of hard work and fighting. We don’t realize the importance of the present moment, since our mind is playing channel 1 (memories and programs) over and over again. We stick to ideas of ourselves and what we should do in life based on what we have been told and experienced in the past. Even though this doesn’t sound quite comforting, it still seems to be safer to stay in the “comfort zone” than exploring where your heart might beat higher or what else is waiting to be realized by you.

We can’t solve the problems with the same mind, that has created these problems in the first place just like we can’t wash laundry in the coffee machine. It takes conscious choices and  training the mind to be used as a tool rather allowing the monkey mind to take over and creating our life experiences.

Meditation and Relaxation are wonderful ways to expand that mind to it’s full potential and use it instead of being controlled by the limiting monkey mind.

3 min video on how I discovered Walking Meditation


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