How to get in Harmony with yourself and the world – The Consciousness Conundrum

Words are so limiting. The consciousness conundrum is: we can’t use thinking and words to describe something that is bigger, beyond thinking: consciousness, the essence of our being, knowing who we really are …

Look at the pictures: the big picture shows a lot of clear light blue sky. Then clouds from above and darkness from below restrict the view. This is a metaphor for consciousness: it is influenced from the bottom, by genes, education and socializing, and from the top by morals and collective consciousness. However, the blue sky is still there, even if we don’t see it. Once we don’t see clear anymore, we get out of balance, body or mind become uncomfortable, energy is blocked, we get sick or tired. Clear signals to change something that is not aligned with our soul and purpose.

The conundrum is, to identify with the light that you are part of, while acknowledging, accepting and agreeing  with clouds and darkness. Let go of fighting the dark, unwanted sides. Fight is more energy used for what we don’t want. Practical example: living a healthy lifestyle. If we fight the weight, the stress, the problems at work, it creates resistance. If we are able to allow to focus on the light that we are, what we really want, our essence, we enter sooner or later in a state of flow, sleep well, eat well, face challenges from a totally different neutral and positive point of view.

So, to find inner peace and harmony in our life, we need to become aware of the whole picture, without using the ego-mind to read it and judge it, but a bigger awareness, expand our awareness. People who know how to calm their minds with mediation or some kind of relaxation techniques, release energy blockages and free themselves from negative charge. There are hundreds of practices that teach how to enter that expanded state of consciousness, transcending ego. Anthony and Manuela at Yaduma Coaching use relaxation techniques, walking in nature, ChiKung, sounds, stories, energy work and humor to help clients open their doors to their true Selves.  Relaxing distraction like TV, excessive sport or recreational drugs can only bring relief during the time applied, but not heal the root of the problem: energetic blockages due to 50.000 or more potential reasons. Once experienced this state of total peace and wellbeing, it can be maintained in everyday’s life, if nurtured by regular practice. You know who you are. You remember who you are. You are present. You now respond no longer react directed by old beliefs. This is why alternative healing techniques such as Ayahuasca ceremonies can open the door for you to see your truth, you will then still have to be conscious and go through that door in everyday’s life, apply the knowledge.

Imagine the day you are totally content with who you are, how you are, what you do and agree with the people around you unconditionally. This kind of energy impacts the field around just as much as negative energy would (anxiety, anger, nervousness, restlessness). Saying that, we really can’t afford to live less than at our best!

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