Walking makes you peaceful

Scientists say that Walking exercise has a very positive impact on your mental capacities due to the crosswise movement of legs and arms. Those who practice Walking regularly know that it clears your mind. During this meditative exercise you may learn to let go of issues and possible problems that preoccupy you and give yourself a break. So you move your attention toward the very moment and release the tension. The physical movement and breathing enhances this here-and-now experience.

If meditation results difficult for you Walking can bring a similar benefit. It depends on your thinking process during the Walk. It is easy to learn new thinking and direct your focus during the Walk. You can make a major change in your overall wellbeing by learning to relax and direct your mind.

Here are some examples of former Walking Clients of mine who freed themselves from obstacles during Walking exercise and learned how to become peaceful during the Walk:

A very successful Certified Accountant with a huge office and 50+ employees suffered from serious stress symptoms with a high risk of suffering a stroke. He was in good shape, late 40ties, nobody would expect this health problem. When we first started the Walking routine his whole attention was on his staff. It almost drove him nuts. The way he described some of his employees was quite disrespectful. Being in this secure coaching relationship I could mention my surprise of how he judged his employees and that I could not believe he would talk to them in the way he said he did. Also, his business went quite well, so these people must bring some qualities in order to make this all happen. Little by little he started observing his own thinking process and the way he treated and manipulated his staff. He realized that his own behavior actually made him sick. This took only a few Walking sessions. In fact, he had to laugh about himself observing his behavior from a distance.  He soon started to realize that he could face everyday situations differently and started enjoying the beauty of nature, the physical exercise and his capacity to consciously relax his mind which ultimately saved his health.

Another client, PhD, married to the nationwide acknowledged head of the University Hospital, 2 kids, house, etc. used to compete with her husband without realizing it. She was driven to do more and better in her research in order to come up with her husbands professional reputation. However, she was not aware of. She suffered from sleeping disorders and other stress symptoms. She had walked before, yet could not relax her mind, so she came to learn that. During the first Walking sessions she became aware that she was not able to live the moment and let go of what she thought was her problem. Her thoughts cruised around her husband and her stress all the time. Observing this, I gave her feedback and suggested to take this next session to learn to focus on something else, in fact to learn to choose on what she wanted to pay her attention. In this environment you can play humorously, so I explained that none of her problems, fears and issues would go worse by not focusing on them during the next hour….. We had fun experimenting different Walking techniques, adjusting body posture, doing breathing exercises and laughing. She gave herself a break, reset and energized herself. She realized that she had the capacity to look at things differently and that her feeling about herself did not depend on her professional outcome compared to her husbands’…. She no longer identified with her professional role and her wellbeing no longer depended on it. During our Walking sessions she realized that she was much more than a well-functioning body and mind and it was up to her what she chose to focus on.

Conclusion: if you would like to enable yourself to relax consciously and experience inner peace – in a healthy way without using drugs –  WALKING is a fun, easy and effective approach    xxx




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