Positive emotions and good decisions

Positive emotions can increase the brain’s capability to take good decisions https://www.facebook.com/WalkingGuru

 Imagine you are in funk, tight, stressed-out or feeling really low. On a couscous or subconscious level your priority will probably be to fight the low and survive rather than choose what you really want.
That is why we focus on  having a great time and creating positive emotions during Walking Meditation sessions. It is important to look at a situation from a distance and it is OK and good to feel fear, tense or low in certain difficult situations. These emotions have a reason that is why they are there to show you something is to be changes. Becoming aware and acknowledging is Step 1. Then it is in your own power to  consciously choose the you really want, rather sticking to the negative emotion since you “have a good reason” for it. Learning to detach and bring yourself in a positive mindset and emotion opens doors to focus on the solution rather than stick to the problem.
Let there be fun!

3 responses to “Positive emotions and good decisions”

  1. “Learning to detach and bring yourself in a positive emotion opens doors to focus on the solution rather than stick to the problem.” –love this line! Walking just like listening to music is a good way to build positive emotions. A media player from http://www.emoplayer.com is what I love. I think you can get it through invite at Twitter. It helps each individual listening to music to engage with others who may go through the same situation, with an awesome feeling.

    1. Can you please share what this is for and how it works? Thanks 🙂

      1. Hi,

        Sure! would love to share it! This Emoplayer is an interactive media player that allows songs and videos to be shared with your Friends in Facebook and Twitter. It helps generate positive emotions, you can learn more info from the website I provided.

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