The only time to live

Yes, but…
You know that one?
Time to change and get out of that comfort zone, that is not really comfortable after all…

The Westerner Syndrome

How to find harmony and contentment in demanding circumstances

Motivation from inside – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Jean Houston

Are you smiling on a regular basis, content and motivated for life? If you are going through tough times and are about to loose vision this great spirit Jean Houston can make you wake up and remember that there is still much more to discover and evolve from within you! Scroll down to find aContinue reading “Motivation from inside – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Jean Houston”

Connect with Nature

„We can only take care of nature and society if we take care of our souls.“ Satish Kumar As Walking Coach  I act as a supportive companion. I assist my clients to consciously leave the „monkey mind“ – get out of the brain into the body. Walking in the nature, total relaxation helps to discoverContinue reading “Connect with Nature”