The Westerner Syndrome

People in non-first-world countries have other problems than us – physical survival. And they don’t suffer from the same problems we do:

Lack of joy leading to all kind of addictive behavior such as obsessive drinking or working. Why is that? Focussing on fulfilling monetary needs only leads to ignoring other needs and that results in imbalance,    this can end up in diseases due to stress, depression, HBP, weight and addiction problems. Life seems to happen in the thinking mind only. We think what to eat, whereas other peoples feel what is right to eat and when to stop. We think or force ourselves to do sports losing contact with our own body that would tell us automatically when it is time to move and when to stop. Most of our work is brainwork, the body degenerates and feelings are whipped under the carpet until the bomb explodes. The only break for some people is watching TV or distracting otherwise with excessive eating, drinking, partying, sex or internet.

Here is the problem: We act as if we were living in the brain only. We lose contact to our heart, emotions, true self. Everything is rationalized. The only part that seems to be functioning well is the thinking mind, forgetting that it comes with a body and emotions. At young age kids lose their natural holistic intelligence and are trained to copy what parents do: sit excessive hours, suppress those emotions that don’t fit into the scheme we are supposed to fit it. Don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak. In other words: shut down. Change from this state of mind requires energy and means leaving the comfort zone. And this energy is trapped by continuously focusing on external influences such as mobile, internet, shopping or work.

Once hooked, for many it takes a seriously molesting problem such as a hospital visit, burnout or cancer to have the guts and the discipline to hold on and look deeper inside. We then search for help from doctors, therapists or ancient natural healing remedies like exotic Ayahuasca ceremonies, hoping, this will be the key to no longer feeling lost or even feeling nothing, really.

Having experienced a whole lot of those situations myself, I ended up looking for solutions and made it my job to teach what I learned:

We need to learn to create a safe space where we feel comfortable being quiet and explore whatever there is: thoughts, emotions of all kinds, physical discomforts, anything. Our job at Yaduma is to help people to reconnect with themselves instead of looking outside for answers outside.

I also experienced Ayahuasca intensively and yes, it helps to see clear. Yet, it won’t do the job for you to learn and apply this knowledge in every day’s life: become observant of thoughts and feelings, be OK with whatever there is instead of resisting or suppressing it, and then become responsible for what you think, what you say and what you do, istead of reactive like an auto-pilot. No Yoga lesson and no Ayahuasca ceremony will do that for you once you are back in your daily routine. It is simply about waking up and changing those reactive habits. You can learn this is in our workshops, or exclusive hideaway retreats and get the support you need later when you practice you new resources during every day’s life with follow-up Skype Coaching.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a consultation and SHARE this information with people who suffer rom their situation!10505492_310886732435925_928375800903131380_n!


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