The Westerner Syndrome

How to find harmony and contentment in demanding circumstances

Exercise to FEEL GOOD !!!

Less talking more action! Feeling good is a natural consequence of daily lifestyle choices.

Longterm Weight Management

How to lose weight and keep a healthy weight longterm

Why Focus on the Path

Weight Loss and Stress Management is a chance to enhance your quality of life for good while enjoying the process.

Prepare for Success

How to successfully reach your health goals and maintain them

Lose weight with Fun

Weight loss or burnout can be an opportunity to learn how to change habits, become aware of unconscious habits and start owning and using your real power!

10 Strategies for long-term Weight Loss Success

A healthy weight is a lifestyle choice. Check out 10 great strategies to loose weight and stay healthy!

I love my Snacking

Healthy habits made EASY. Makes sense?

Simple Steps to Weight Loss

How weight loss becomes easy

Tony Robbins on Weight Loss

Tony Robbins explains what it takes to create permanent Change

Expect the Best!

When we choose to focus on a positive outcome of a problem our immune system, physical and mental health stays stronger than when in worry and doubt. It is not easy to stay positive when things get tight. All the little messages we send to our subconscious with our thoughts and feelings have a direct [...]

Cool tool to motivate for healthy habits

SlimKicker is a cute little phone application to help you focus on healthy habits the easy way! Receive an email with a easy to apply hint to improve your eating and exercise habits step by step. Use the app and make your lifestyle change an enjoyable game - no obligation, just motivating information! This tool [...]